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Flawless Latest Shopify Premium Theme For Free Download

Welcome to the Theme Settings, your hub for comprehensive global customization options that define the overall aesthetic and functionality of your online store. Here’s an in-depth look at each section:

1. Layout

Page Width

  • Description: Adjust the width of the entire page.
  • Settings: Slider to set the width in pixels (px).
  • Default: 1340 px.


  • Button Corner Radius: Adjust the roundness of button corners.
  • Input Corner Radius: Adjust the roundness of input fields.
  • Block Corner Radius: Adjust the roundness of blocks.
  • Menu and Drawer Radius: Adjust the roundness of menus and drawers.
  • Settings: Sliders to set radius in pixels (px).

2. Colors


  • Description: Predefined color schemes for the website.
  • Settings: Choose from available schemes or add a new scheme.


  • Success Background: Color code for success messages.
  • Success Text: Color code for success text.


  • Error Background: Color code for error messages.
  • Error Text: Color code for error text.


  • Color Scheme: Choose a color scheme for the drawer.
  • Settings: Dropdown menu to change the scheme.

3. Typography

Heading Text

  • Font: Select a font for headings.
  • Font Size Scale: Adjust the scale of the font size for headings.

Body Text

  • Font: Select a font for body text.
  • Font Size Scale: Adjust the scale of the font size for body text.

Button Text

  • Font: Select a font for button text.
  • Font Size Scale: Adjust the scale of the font size for button text.

4. Currency Format

Currency Codes

  • Show Currency Codes: Option to always show currency codes (e.g., $1.00 USD).
  • Settings: Checkbox.

5. Animation

Enable Animation

  • Description: Toggle animations on the website.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Slide Duration

  • Description: Adjust the duration of slide transitions.
  • Settings: Slider to set duration in milliseconds (ms).
  • Default: 600 ms.

6. Social Media


  • Description: Add or search for social media links.
  • Platforms: Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Settings: Input fields for each platform.

7. Product Card

Show Vendor

  • Description: Display the vendor name on product cards.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Show Secondary Image on Hover

  • Description: Display a secondary image when hovering over a product.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Show Quick View

  • Description: Enable quick view for products.
  • Settings: Checkbox.
  • Quick Buy Button: Options for quick buy button style (Stacked, Overlay, None).

Show Product Rating

  • Description: Display product ratings.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Image Ratio

  • Description: Set the image ratio for product images.
  • Settings: Dropdown menu (Square, Custom).

Image Fit

  • Description: Adjust how the product image fits within its container.
  • Settings: Options for Contain or Cover.

Offer Text

  • Show Offer Text: Display text for offers.
  • Settings: Checkbox.
  • Image Background Color: Color code for the background.
  • Offer Text Color: Color code for the offer text.

8. Badges

Show Sale Badge

  • Description: Display a badge for items on sale.
  • Settings: Checkbox.
  • Position: Set the position of the badge (Top Left, etc.).

Sale Badge

  • Background Color: Color code for sale badge background.
  • Text Color: Color code for sale badge text.

Soldout Badge

  • Background Color: Color code for soldout badge background.
  • Text Color: Color code for soldout badge text.

Sale Badge Type

  • Options: Sale, Percentage off, Saved amount.

9. Search

Enable Predictive Search Results

  • Description: Control predictive search results.
  • Settings: Checkbox.


  • Show Price: Display product prices in search results.
  • Settings: Checkbox.


  • Show Image: Display article images in search results.
  • Show Author: Display article authors.
  • Show Title: Display article titles.
  • Show Date: Display article dates.
  • Show Content: Display article content.
  • Settings: Checkboxes for each option.

10. Cart

Cart Type

  • Description: Choose between a cart page or drawer.
  • Settings: Radio buttons (Page, Drawer).

Empty Button Link

  • Description: Set the link for the empty cart button.
  • Settings: Input field to paste a link.

Dynamic Checkout Buttons

  • Description: Show dynamic checkout buttons.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Show Product Vendor

  • Description: Display the vendor name in the cart.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Show Order Note

  • Description: Allow customers to add order notes.
  • Settings: Checkbox.

Free Shipping Bar

  • Description: Show a progress bar for free shipping.
  • Settings: Input fields to set minimum amount and configure text colors.
  • Free Shipping Minimum Amount: Set the minimum amount for free shipping.
  • Text & Bar Color: Color code for text and bar.
  • Background Color: Color code for the background.

11. Favicon


  • Description: Set an image for the favicon.
  • Settings: Upload or select an image (32×32 px recommended).

12. Advanced

Scroll to Top

  • Description: Enable a scroll to top button.
  • Settings: Checkbox and options to set button position (Left, Right).
  • Arrow Color: Color code for the arrow.
  • Background Color: Color code for the button background.

13. Custom CSS

Custom Styles

  • Description: Add custom CSS styles for the entire online store.
  • Settings: Text area to input custom CSS code.

Optimizing Your Shopify Theme for SEO

  • Responsive Design: Ensure your layout settings are mobile-friendly to improve user experience and SEO rankings.
  • Color Schemes: Use color schemes that provide high contrast and readability.
  • Typography: Select clear and legible fonts for both headings and body text to enhance readability.
  • Speed Optimization: Minimize animation durations and optimize image sizes for faster load times.
  • Social Media Integration: Add relevant social media links to boost engagement and social signals.
  • Product Cards: Highlight product information and use features like quick view and hover images to enhance user interaction.
  • Badges: Use badges to attract attention to sales and special offers.
  • Search Functionality: Enable predictive search and display relevant information to improve user navigation.
  • Cart Features: Make the checkout process seamless with dynamic buttons and vendor display options.
  • Favicon: Use a recognizable favicon for brand visibility.
  • Custom CSS: Implement custom styles to tailor the look and feel of your store to match your brand identity.

By fine-tuning these settings, you can create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized Shopify store that attracts and retains customers.

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