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Custome Product addons in Shopify Theme Without any App

This code replace all app they provide this type of feature. Code support for all theme.

Step:1 Dowonload Code Your Code

  • Check your Email. You can see Your Code file Download.
  • Also Need To download PASSWORD File.
This is your zip File Code

Step:2  Shopify admin

  • Go online Store
  • Edit Code
Shopify Code Edit option

Step:3 Implement Code

  • Search snippets add New Section
  • File Name :- product-bundle.liquid
  • Copy Your Code and Past in product-bundle.liquid
copy code

Step:4 Add Code

  • Search main-product.liquid
  • Find buy_buttons
  • above buy_buttons Add Below code
{%- when 'new_bundle' -%}
{% render 'product-bundle', product: product %}
  • Find buy_buttons schema
  • Add code after buy_buttons schema (references image)
      "type": "new_bundle",
      "name": "New Bundle",
      "limit": 1

Step:5 Metafield

  • Go To Shopify Setting > Custom data > Products > Add definition
  • Name: For Add On Metafield
  • Namespace and key : custom.for_add_on_metafield
  • Select type : product > List of products
  • Save
metafield settings
  • For tooltip
  • Name : Tooltip
  • Namespace and key : custom.tooltip
  • Select type : Single line text > One value
  • Save
metafield settings

Step:6 Hide Add to cart and quantity for defult product

  • Go to Main Product
  • Ctrl + F Search quantity_selector
  • First Div end add {% if product.tags contains ‘main_product_bundle’ %} hidden {% endif %}
  • Now Search buy_buttons
  • First Div add class=” {% if product.tags contains ‘main_product_bundle’ %} hidden {% endif %}”

Step:7 Test Code

  • Go to your Product Select one product
  • Add Tag main_product_bundle
  • Scroll down see metafield Select Product
  • Save

Step:8 Final result

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