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Grow Your Shopify Store with the Motion Theme

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In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, having a visually stunning and highly functional online store is crucial. The Motion theme for Shopify offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance, making it an excellent choice for brands looking to create a compelling online presence. This minimalist, premium theme is designed for brand and product storytelling, leveraging animation and video to captivate your audience. Whether you’re in the clothing and accessories, sports and recreation, or health and beauty sectors, Motion provides the tools to showcase your products beautifully and drive conversions.

Key Features of the Motion Theme

1. Showcase Evolving Collections

  • Flexible Collage Options: Highlight multiple products in a visually appealing collage format.
  • Callout Collection Section: Draw attention to a single collection with a dedicated section that enhances its visibility.

2. Smooth Storytelling Animations

  • Eye-catching Animations: Engage your audience with fast, smooth animations that bring your site to life.
  • Autoplaying Videos: Feature your products in action with videos that play automatically.
  • Dynamic Hero Sections and Parallax Effects: Create a striking first impression with dynamic visuals that capture attention.

3. Quick Add to Cart

  • Seamless Shopping Experience: Allow customers to view product details, select options, and add to cart or buy instantly without leaving the collection page.

4. Truly Mobile-First Design

  • Mobile SEO Optimized: Fast, compact, and thumb-friendly design ensures your store looks great and performs well on any device.
  • Fast Loading Times: Optimized for speed to provide a smooth shopping experience.

5. Easy Customization with Drag-and-Drop Sections

  • 20+ Customizable Sections: Personalize your store with a variety of drag-and-drop sections, requiring little to no coding skills.
  • Minimalist Design: Provides ample space to infuse your brand’s unique style.

6. Unlimited Free Trials

  • Risk-Free Testing: Try the theme with your own products and customizations before making a purchase. Only pay if you publish the theme to your store.

7. Choose from 3 Presets

  • Pre-designed Styles: Start with one of three preset styles and customize it to fit your brand perfectly.

8. Built for Conversion

  • Proven Design Patterns: Utilizes successful ecommerce trends and design patterns to maximize conversions and ensure longevity.

9. Non-expiring License

  • Lifetime Usage: Your payment allows you to use the theme on a single store indefinitely.

10. Speed Optimized

  • High Performance: Meets Shopify’s performance standards with fast loading pages, ensuring a quicker shopping experience without compromising style or features.

11. Free Theme Updates

  • Lifetime Updates: Receive regular updates with new features, functionality, and bug fixes, keeping your theme up-to-date with Shopify’s latest advancements.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Marketing & Conversion:

  • Blogs, Cross-selling, Customizable Contact Form, FAQ Page, In-menu Promos, Press Coverage, Product Badges, Product Reviews, Promo Banners, Promo Popups, Quick View, Recommended Products, Stock Counter, Trust Badges.


  • Animation, Color Swatches, High-resolution Images, Image Galleries, Image Rollover, Image Zoom, Lookbooks, Product Options, Product Tabs, Product Videos, Shipping/Delivery Information, Size Chart, Slideshow, Usage Information.

Product Discovery:

  • Breadcrumbs, Collection Page Navigation, Enhanced Search, Mega Menu, Product Filtering and Sorting, Recommended Products, Sticky Header.

Cart & Checkout:

  • Cart Notes, In-store Pickups, Quick Buy, Slide-out Cart.

Developer-Friendly Features

Custom Events:

  • Exposed events and a standalone file for custom scripts enable adding functionality without editing core JavaScript files.

Custom Liquid:

  • Add custom drag-and-drop sections using Liquid code directly in the theme editor.

Editable JS:

  • Includes the original classic build file for easy JavaScript edits.

App Extension Compatibility:

  • Easily add dynamic elements to your themes without interacting with Liquid templates or code through theme app extensions.


The Motion theme for Shopify is an exceptional choice for brands aiming to create a dynamic, visually engaging, and highly functional online store. Its mobile-first design, easy customization options, and comprehensive feature set ensure that your store not only looks great but also performs excellently. With Motion, you can tell your brand’s story compellingly, drive conversions, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Elevate your Shopify store today with the Motion theme and experience the difference it makes in your ecommerce journey.

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